Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pearl Academy Portfolio 2015 - Decoding Fashion (Part 2)

Portfolio 2015 - Pearl Academy's annual graduating event was not just about designer clothes, the students had also put up on display an incredible collection of furnishing products, stationary products, items designed from recycled products and lots of engaging art installations. While these exhibits won many a compliments and accolades from from the visitors, another highlight of the event was ace designer Manih Malhotra's visit. He congratulated and wished success to the graduating students and also spent time at a special fashion show organised by the students.

That's all from the Portfolio 2015! Hope you enjoyed both the posts, and if you did, then stay tuned for I will be sharing all lifestyle related posts here! Thank you for your time! :)

Pearl Academy Portfolio 2015 - Decoding Fashion

Portfolio 2015 - Pearl Academy's annual graduating event was an extravagant showcasing of the tremendous talent that the academy has nurtured. I got an opportunity to cover the 3-day event and the precision with which it was organised left me impressed. While the creative brilliance of graduating students left everyone mesmerised, their passion and professional approach towards putting the exhibits together was commendable. Sharing some photographs from the event.

Pearl Academy's Portfolio 2015 was a feast for the eyes. From gorgeous clothes to quirky art installations, the creativity and professionalism on display was striking. Wrapping this post here, but stay tuned for the next one for it will feature some more fantastic creations from Portfolio 2015!