Sunday, 30 August 2015

Review: Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil

Hello dear readers! Today I am here with a little review of Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil moisturiser that I have taken a fancy to. I am not too fond of make-up products, barring lipsticks and nail-paints, but I absolutely love hoarding up skin care products. Specially body lotions, face-packs, body butters and oils interest me a lot. Though I am not regular with them because of my erratic travel schedules, but if I really like a particular product and find it convenient to carry along, then it definitely finds a place in my travel kit. These days, I have been using this gel oil moisturiser a lot and love how it keeps the skin soft and smelling good all day long.

I discovered the Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil in my mother's handbag when she returned from her trip to London. Since it was pretty cold there and she has dry skin, she said she used this gel oil a lot there and it helped keep the skin from shrivelling up. Since it smelled really good, I used it after shower and found it refreshing as well as easy on the skin, though it took a few minutes to absorb. The cocoa fragrance was an added plus as it left me smelling like chocolate for the whole day! Haha!

Now coming to the texture of Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil  - well since it is gel based, it is slightly thicker than the regular oils, and you need very little amount to cover an entire arm. It spreads out easily and evenly but like I mentioned above, it takes a little while to get absorbed into the skin. But wait a few minutes and it's all soaked up, leaving the skin feeling rich and supple.

Ingredients: Coming to ingredients used in Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil, well the information on the pack mentions a few chemicals besides pure cocoa butter, so this can be a concern for people who are particular about paraffins and chemicals.

Price Tag: £6 for 200ml pack (Not sure if it is available in India)

My Say: I loved Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil's moisturising properties. It keeps the skin looking supple and the cocoa butter fragrance is a bonus. While it can be tricky to use in humid months, it makes for a must-have moisturiser for winters. So if you have friends or family coming over this festive season, ask them to bring along!

Product Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. - Is the item durable?
    - Is this item easy to use?
    - What are the dimensions of this item?
    please give me answer...
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